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Refurbishment of existing building

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Project Type:

S1 Developments


Refurbishment of existing building for Edinburgh University. The existing building was of concrete construction with precast concrete cladding panels to the walls which also formed the roof parapets. The existing roof was concrete deck with an asphalt waterproofing system.  The existing roof had poor falls, inadequate drainage and outlets.

The proposal was to install a new timber roof on top of the existing concrete deck to create new and better falls with parapet gutters and new parapet linings.

The construction process involved cutting holes through the existing roof coverings to allow stub columns to be bolted to the concrete roof deck. Thereafter a timber frame was constructed and decked out to create the new gutters falls and parapet linings.

The new roof system was installed, in full, progressively across all the roofs. A mixture of manual and automated installation was undertaken with the use of a Sarnamatic machine and hand welding to ensure the speedy waterproof integrity of the roof as it progressed.

The parapets, some of which were over 1.0m high, were clad in single ply membrane creating a holistic covering to the entire roof.

Generally, materials were brought to site as required with the exception of bulk insulation.

Roof specification

Sarnafil single ply roofing system comprising vapour check, insulation and single ply membrane in light grey finish, with lead grey finish trims to perimeter to match exterior cladding and new windows.

Completed roof system inspected by Sarnafil and guarantee issued accordingly.


This roof was completed with no external scaffolding.

Roof edge protection was installed by mechanically fixing uprights to the external side of the structural frame of the building. Thereafter scaffold tube rails were clamped to the uprights to give full perimeter protection but allow safe, full and free access right up to the edge of the roof.

Once the roof was completed a ballasted perimeter roof edge protection system was installed throughout.

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