Project Type:

New Residential Flats Development

Sq. Meterage:


Project Type:

Cala Homes


New build residential flats, steel frame concrete floor slabs and timber frame construction with 18mm plywood roof deck. The project was completed in a rolling construction program with the roof installed as soon as the deck was completed in order to protect interior construction processes.

All scaffolding and hoisting facilities were provided by the main contractor.

Owing to the large areas involved, manpower was tailored to meet the main contractors needs for each section of roof requiring to be made watertight.

The Sarnafil system met such requirements with ease due to the simple build-up and the limited plant and tools required for installation.

There was a need for speed in making the large areas of roof watertight. To achieve this a Sarnamatic machine was used to seal the long runs of laps. This mechanisation, in conjunction with normal hand welding to the details, ensured the integrity of the roof from start to finish. Generally, materials were brought to site as required with exception of bulk insulation.

Roof specification

Sarnafil single ply roofing system comprising vapour check, insulation and single ply membrane in lead grey finish. Roofing system continued through balcony areas where additional protection layer installed prior to decking installation by others. Completed roof system inspected by Sarnafil and guarantee issued accordingly.


This building was of a very high specification, particularly at penthouse level. Progressive waterproof integrity was paramount to allow the main contractor to meet his program needs, installing high end finishes. Lenaghen Roofing’s workforce achieved this at every stage on this project and were held in high regard by the main contractor in terms of meeting programme needs and providing a high quality and sound finish to all the roofs.